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testswing Class Reference

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class  ButtonModelStatePrinter
class  CheckCellRenderer
class  LabelCellRenderer
class  testcase

Public Member Functions

void addCase (testcase c)

Static Public Member Functions

static void main (String args[])
static JButton mkButton (String title)
static JCheckBox mkCheckbox (String label)
static JButton mkDisposerButton (final JFrame c)
static JList mkList (Object[] elts)
static JPanel mkListPanel (Object[] elts)
static JPanel mkPanel (JComponent[] inners)
static JRadioButton mkRadio (String label)
static JScrollBar mkScrollBar ()
static JScrollPane mkScrollPane (JComponent inner)
static JSlider mkSlider ()
static JTabbedPane mkTabs (String[] names)
static JToggleButton mkToggle (String title)
static JPanel mkViewportBox (final JComponent inner)

Package Attributes

final JFrame frame

Detailed Description

Definition at line 9 of file testswing.java.

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